Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tina Bluefield

Tina Bluefield is a newer face on the Open Studio Art Tours.  She has been a resident of the high desert since 2006, and this year marks her fourth year on the tour.  Bluefield is an oil painter who focuses her attention on painting large scale abstractions and the desert environment surrounding her home.

(by Pepper Wagner)

After traveling a few miles on dirt roads that crisscross the open desert of the Mojave, I arrived at Tina Bluefield's home studio.  Pulling into her drive, I couldn't help noticing her cabin's unique architecture and welcoming desert landscape.  I knew instinctively this was the home of someone special.  Bluefield's studio is well lit with the natural desert light through large windows.  It was her desert landscape paintings that caused me to pause.  It was like she had captured the heart, soul and essence of our beloved desert and concentrated it onto the canvases, bring all your senses alive.
"Early Light," oil on linen.  8 x 10 inches

Bluefield has traveled the world extensively and lived and studied art in Colorado.  After a decade of designing passive solar homes in Colorado, she bought a homestead cabin in the Joshua Tree area in California and began renovating it in 2006.  She added her passive solar studio, where she paints her exquisite desert landscapes and inspiring colorful abstracts.  As you walk into her home studio, you can feel a true artist's energy.

"Heart of Fire," oil on canvas.  60 x 36 inches.
 "Red Square 9," oil on canvas.  8 x 8 inches.

Long before Bluefield's arrival to the Mojave Desert, she was painting large watercolor desert scenes of Arizona and New Mexico.  Like to many of us, Bluefield is drawn to the rustic beauty, peace, and the ever-changing moods in our desert surroundings.   Tina has shown her paintings in galleries and art exhibitions from coast to coast, having had her second solo show of abstract paintings in New York, NY at BoxoFFICE Projects this past April.  For more information on Tina Bluefield and her paintings, visit  Be sure to visit Bluefield this October, during the Hwy 62 Art Tours.  She will have her studio open the second weekend of the tours, October 30th and 31st.

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