Thursday, October 14, 2010

David and Lorelei Greene in Wonder Valley

As the Art Tours draw closer, I (Karine Swenson) am finding my time for interviews has vanished.  So, this week, two of the "wonder-ful" Wonder Valley artists helped me out by writing their own blog posts.  David and Lorelei Greene will be showing the first weekend of the Art Tours, October 23rd and 24th.   Be sure to make their studio a stop on your Art tours this year.
David Greene
Big Skies, David Greene
Tarantula Oil, by David Greene.

David's blog:
"My wife and I moved to the desert four years ago from Columbus, Ohio. We had visited on a few occasions prior to the move and had fallen in love with the environment and people. The fact that there is widely dispersed but cohesive artist community was and remains a big attraction.

At an early age , about kindergarten, I would copy the Peanuts characters. My older siblings accused me of tracing them , so I drew the images again in front of them to prove them wrong. Their surprise and subsequent support sold me immediately. Doing artwork has always been a way of finding the calm eye in the storm of life, it helps me process everything else and serves as a form of unintentional diary.

Just today I was reminded of an idea I’d had about a year ago simply by finding a rusted tin can while walking the dog. I’ve gathered a variety of cans with the intention of doing paintings of some sort on them, desert themes, my Hy-Desert stuff, something...all of the above.

My work can usually be found at the 29 Palms Creative Center and True World Gallery in Joshua Tree."
Wonder Valley.  David Greene

Lorelei Greene

Lorelei's blog:
"I moved with David, from Columbus, Ohio in late October 2006. Our friendship with Mikal Winn and Jeff Hafler is what brought us here, originally. We soon fell in love with the desert. Once we moved, we found we were surrounded by artists. Quite literally!...Our closest neighbors are both artists.

At 4 or 5, I remember becoming completely absorbed in drawing & making things.  My teachers usually had to remind me a 2nd time that art class was over; I just love(d) being in that creative mindset!

I began my adventure in jewelry-making in 1989. I am primarily self-taught. I sell my handmade jewelry directly to boutiques in the US & Canada at trade shows. I show at public art events throughout California, as well.

Recently, I began working in a new medium, paper maché clay. To introduce my new work, I arranged a group show, “Raised by Stars (not by wolves)” at the 29 Palms Creative Center that runs through Oct. 16th. I have done drawings, collages & sculpture since childhood. The new medium allows me to tie all those forms of expression into one.

New items for art tours...the paper maché clay pieces, along with the jewelry, of course.

I believe showing & observing art is a way of relating to one another. Some ideas are communicated best in a dance, a piece of music, a painting, a jewelry piece, etc. I get a lot of inspiration from music & books; along with Sparky, they are my constant companions, while creating.

Romancing the Red Baron, Lorelei Greene.
True World Gallery in Joshua Tree, CA carries some of my jewelry pieces.”
Rainbow Pyrite Bracelet.  Lorelei Greene

High Hopes, Lorelei Greene

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